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Many martial arts magazines have have suffered from the impact of the advent of the internet with the availablity of free articles and information . `AikidoToday` and `Fighting Arts International` were two popular magazines that ultimatley became victims.


"Fighting Arts International Magazine"

"Positive Aikido" - the Article 

"Fighting Arts International Magazine".by Henry Ellis

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1996 - Arthur Lockyear Sensei asked to interview me for Terry O'Neill's elite magazine "International Fighting Arts Magazine" for which he was the Aikido correspondent.
At the end of the interview over a pint of beer,Arthur said to me " Henry, can I ask you something that I have heard about you for many years,which still persists to this day ?". I smiled with a yes,waiting for the question. Arthur reminded me of an incident some 30 years earlier at the - TK Chiba Sensei 1967 Summer School - where I was assistant to TK Chiba Sensei. Arthur asked if the following story was true?.
The seminar was being held in the North of England, and I was a southerner, never a good mix at any time. On the morning of the first day of the seminar I was called into Chiba Sensei's changing room, he said to me "Mr Ellis,these northern students are good students, but they do not have your strict etiquette", Sensei went on to explain that he resented them putting their arms around his shoulder,slapping him on the back and calling him Kazuo. I just looked at Sensei in disbelief, he asked that I speak to them before he came on the mat. This was the start of a weeks summer course. I explained the required etiquette rather politely to all attendees thinking that was the end of the matter,not so,one group were angry,they objected strongly, they said they would continue as they were. I then explained that I would personally take any and all disrespectful students off the mat and personally deal with them. There was no further acts of familiarity with Sensei, but I had made many enemies,it would appear some were for life lol. I could not believe that people were still upset to this day by something that took place 30 or more years ago..I assured Arthur it was a true story.

Henry Ellis

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